Friday, August 26, 2011

The Minimalist...a simple inspiration

I was introduced to Mark Bittman by my great friend "little" Lauren one cold day while she was visiting. Lauren has the best way of finding things that are creative and out-of-the-box. I was instantly in love with mark Bittman's style of cooking.

Now not all of his recipes are "cancer prevention friendly", however you could easily alter them to be so. All of his recipes are super simple and very tasty (my personal favorite is the bread-less crab cakes in the first video below).

Bread-free Crab Cakes

The next video is a great way to get a bunch of vegetables in one serving. Just top with whole grain bread crumbles, organic cheese (if you must), drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and VOILA! Totally healthy! You could even pair it with the bread-free crab cakes and you have a great dinner!

Vegetable Torte

His videos can be found on his channel and on NY Times website.

Remember! Many recipes you see can be altered to be completely healthy. Just substitute white flour/ bread for whole wheat or whole grain flour/bread and use extra virgin olive oil or expeller pressed canola oil.

Enjoy! (as little Lauren would say)

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