Good Gadgets

In my quest to eat more raw foods, I am looking for gadgets to make my life easier. This one was recommended by Lisa. It is perfect for making pasta out of vegetables. I have used zucchini and it works perfectly. You can use the zucchini pasta just as you would regular pasta. If you are looking for something to replace pasta in your life..try this out.

You can also use this to make french fries and sweet potato fries.


This is an all around handy tool that every kitchen should have. You can dice things, you can make bread, hummus, chopped veggies. I use it all the time when I cook. This is one of those appliances that can take the place of a bunch of different gadgets. For a while I was into buying all these random tools that I can use to do one thing. Now that my kitchen cabinets and drawers are becoming stocked to the brim I am looking for anything that will multi-task. It is not necessary to have every gadget...just a few key tools. This is definitely one of them.


This is the master (in my humble opinion) machine for making bread dough. You can literally put all the ingredients in turn it on and it mixes and kneads itself. You don't have to touch the dough from the time you put the ingredients in to the time you put it in the bread pan. It can rise right in the bowl. I also use it to make any batter- pancakes, my banana bread, cake batter- all things baking can be done with this appliance.

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