Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sometimes the best thing to do is NOTHING

Monday and Tuesday of this week were utterly overwhelming for me. It was like an avalanche of stuff was holding me back from getting anything done. Part of the problem was I was trying to get everything done at once and the other part was that I was looking at the big picture instead of the bite size pieces. You can't get an entire project done all at once. You need to work on one bite at a time. That is when it's manageable. 

It's been a long time since I've felt the need to cry. Like literally months (which I think it is a new Jess record)! The tears started welling up a few times on Monday and Tuesday which is my signal that I need to calm the F down. My dad told me a long time ago that "there is no crying in business" and I like to keep it that way. Plus it usually ends up ruining my makeup and my face gets all red and blotchy. I'm sorry but I've never seen a pretty crier. 

By the end of Tuesday I was so completely and utterly overwhelmed and mentally drained that I made the executive decision the take yesterday off.  But not before I got a good breakdown in while on the phone with my dad. Just another perk of being in business with family!

So yesterday I literally turned off my phone for a good portion of the day, didn't respond to one email, and laid in bed reading some crappy chick novel about the horrors of being a bridesmaid. I laid in bed all day. I drank coffee, read, took a nap, read some more, and almost fell asleep for nap #2. And I didn't think about business at all. I painted my nails, went out to dinner and watched a movie (I highly recommend Life of Pi). 

When I woke up yesterday morning I felt like I was completely renewed. And got more done than I had anticipated. 

I definitely learned this week that:
  • I need to turn work off for at least a little while each night... no emails or social media
  • I need to give myself time to think about/do something other than work a few nights a week
  • sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is nothing

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