Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time to change it up...

It's been over a year and a half since I started this blog, and it's amazing to think about how far I've grown since then. But lately I've been feeling that I've taken this as far as I can right now. For the past few months I have been torn between wanting to write for Plenty of Thyme and feeling like I have to write. I started this blog as a project to chronicle my ups and downs on my path to becoming healthier and to pass on the information I was learning with all of you. I feel now that I am fully saturated and have had a hard time coming up with new content. 

Another thing that has been nagging at me is that I am more interested in writing for Raw Generation's blog as I am fully immersed in developing the brand and company. I don't want the two blogs to overlap. So I have chosen to pick Raw Generation. 

I'm going to keep this blog up so that if someone stumbles across it the information I've written about is available to them, but I am not going to commit to writing anymore. If something really inspires me then obviously I'll share, but I'm motivated to share more of my juicing/raw foods experiences now. 

So... if you would like to continue following me you can find me over at Raw Generation's Blog.

Peace out!!! XOXO

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