Friday, December 28, 2012

You have other options...

My sister, me, Nani, my brother

When my grandmother (Nani) was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about 3 years ago she was given very few options. In her case it was chemotherapy or nothing. It astounded me that in all these decades of treating cancer, doctors give three options depending on the cancer... chemo, radiation, surgery, or a combination.

It's appalling actually because since then, I have researched and found at least half a dozen different doctors and organizations that are having success by treating cancer patients with "alternative" medical treatments. I have written about The Gerson Therapy before along with other alternative treatments (you can find it here) but I received an email from them today with a success story that I wanted to share.
"It's now 7 ½ years since I was diagnosed with stage IV mantle cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and turned down all four of the chemotherapy drugs they wanted to put into a port near my shoulder. I'd been a member of the Gerson Institute for many years and I always figured that, if I were ever to get cancer, I'd start Gerson Therapy immediately. On the way home from Dana Farber Cancer Institute where the lymphoma specialist told me what treatment he wanted me to take, Pete and I stopped at a health food store and loaded up on organic produce. I followed Charlotte's book to the "T."  
When I returned to my oncologist's office with my follow-up lab reports a couple of months later, he exclaimed, "This is absolutely fantastic!" Then, he wrote me a letter saying, "Keep doing what you are doing. The chemo would not have cured your cancer anyway." At the five year point, I was called in to my local oncologist's office who had been ordering the lab work and CT scans since diagnosis. She said I didn't have to be followed any longer and added, "Had you taken the recommended chemo, I doubt you'd be alive today." My oncologists were very compassionate and pleased to watch me doing so well with my holistic approach.
--Joyce Forsythe
Unlike many people faced with the devastating diagnosis of stage IV cancer, Joyce already knew of alternative treatments she could turn to. She had learned of the Gerson Therapy years before by living near Dr. Gerson's center outside New York City. Joyce had also been a member of the Gerson Institute for years and heard the stories of the many patients who recovered by strictly following the Therapy protocols.  
While deciding not to take your doctors' advice may never be easy, it is easier when you have been able to learn about the alternatives before you find yourself in a situation of fear and stress. That's why your support is pivotal. As cancer rates rise and toxins in our foods, air and water become more prevalent, it is important that people learn about that there are viable alternative treatments, like the Gerson Therapy, before they become ill. 
We know that the Gerson Therapy may not be the right choice for everyone. It requires a strong commitment to a very new way of eating and living. But it is a path for many people - and could be the path for many more, if only they know about Gerson before they become ill. Please help us spread Dr. Gerson's message of hope and healing today. Help by donating The Gerson Institute directly.

I thought it important to share success stories with you because you don't usually hear about them. And you sure as hell don't hear about them from Oncologists. It's very frightening when you are sitting in the doctor's office waiting to hear the odds of survival of someone you love and being told the treatments that they do have don't even work. Hopefully this makes it into the hands of someone who can use it before they waste precious time.

If you or someone you know has cancer, please forward this to them or direct them to Alternative Cancer Therapies.

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