Thursday, September 6, 2012

Note to my garden that hasn't produced much of anything

Dear Garden,

I'm not sure what happened this year, but you didn't produce as much as you could have. If we depended on you we would be starving. 

With love, Jess

Whatever is going on it is not cool. With the amount of work I put in planting all sorts of things, we only got some strawberries in the spring, 2 ears of corn, some string beans, and a ton of cucumbers. The tomatoes are there, but not ripening, and the peppers and eggplant are just starting to produce. The carrots are not growing past little nubs. We may get enough cabbage to do something with...hopefully!

I am seriously hoping we don't get a hurricane before I can harvest all this stuff so I can feel like I got something out of all the effort besides jars of pickles (SOOOO good by the way!). If you want to make really good homemade kosher dill pickles read this

Hopefully next year we will get better results!

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