Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Officially over it

he would have fit right in w/ us last weekend

I do this to myself all the time. I still think I can party like I am in college. Well, reality has a way of telling you what's up when you don't follow it's rules. I always wondered when I was younger why adults don't drink that much, if at all. I know now. It's because it takes 3 times as long to get over it than it used to. 

I was at a bachelorette weekend (keep in mind I stopped drinking Saturday after dinner and literally drank 10 waters after that) and I am still recovering. I AM OFFICIALLY OVER IT! The amount of fun I have when I drink pales in comparison to the S-H-I-T that I feel like for days after. 

In light of my impending 30th birthday, I am feeling that I need to really stop acting like I am in college. I need to take care of myself so I don't end up looking prematurely haggard. 

Just some thoughts on this beautiful Tuesday. Tomorrow I'll be back to normal.


  1. I am assuming you are the healthy vacationers at the end of Newark Ave. Good ole John Belushi he was quite a guy. Yeah too much party is not fun the next day . The beach is too great to miss a day. Nice to see fellow bloggers right in Bradley Beach, NJ . I will read your blog since I need to be much healthier. I am running for Mayor in Bradley because I am tired of the contrast between the beautiful beach and the ugliness of politics. Cheers and congrats on a great blog.

    1. Haha, not on Newark but close. Good luck to you. Politics is a tough gig if you are a person with any morals. Thanks for reading!


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