Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stocking up for Fall

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! The weather didn't cooperate for my 3 day beach binge but that's ok. I had one great beach day and two lazy days of sleeping and going for long lunches with my sister. And so I am back to business. No more "it's summer" excuses :(

Since I barely cook in the summer, my pantry is seriously lacking some things. I need to stock up because with cooler weather coming, I need to be prepared to cook myself some warming foods.

What to stock your pantry with:

  • beans
  • grains (rice, quinoa, barley)
  • raw nuts- all of them
  • dried fruit
  • Amy's organic soups (for those days when I'm just too damn busy)
  • canned vegetables
  • cooking oils (olive, coconut, almond)
  • restock spice cabinet
  • meat from the farm
With those things, I should be able to successfully make just about any variation of soup, stew, or sauce that I can think of. As much as I hate when the warm days disappear, I do look forward to the change of seasons. 

What is your favorite cool weather meal?


  1. Your cartoon's are the cutest. Do you make them yourself?

    1. No I get them from www.nataliedee.com. She's hysterical!


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