Friday, September 7, 2012

Seeking Motivation - Get me the fuck out of here

I've been in a funk lately. I am trying to pull myself out of it, but it's been a slow and not so pleasant process. By trying I mean I'm basically forcing myself to do things that I know I should be doing (working out, eating right, not sleeping my life away) and forcing myself to do the things I have to do (working, eating) and force myself to do the things I should want to do (being out and about).

I keep telling myself to "act as if" and eventually I will feel better. I guess it's working because I do feel better than I did a week ago.

I've also been looking for different things that I can do to get outside of my "box". Last night I went to a raw food group meeting with Victoria Moran as the guest speaker. I went specifically because she is an excellent speaker and very motivating. After 2 hours of listening to her I felt better. I feel more like myself again. Further proof that I need to seek out more people that will motivate me.

If you are in the Ramsey, NJ area and are interested in learning more about raw foods/healthier living there is a great Raw Food Support Network run by Karen Ranzi.

Anyone have a fix for a funky mood that you can't beat?

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