Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I need sleep!

So in lieu of the fact that everyone in my life is getting sick right now, I am in serious "I NEED SLEEP" mode. Sleep is the one thing that if I let myself go I will get sick. And it is just not an option for me right now. SO last night I slept for 11 hours. And tonight I am planning on doing the same. Coincidentally, I just saw this article from Dr. Mercola on common sleep mistakes that people make.

  1. Using the snooze button. While a few minutes more in bed may be tempting, using the snooze button could backfire as interrupted sleep can increase your fatigue. GUILTY!
  2. Irregular sleep schedule. A regular routine of going to bed and getting up around the same time each day will help promote better sleep, while constantly interrupting your schedule can easily lead to insomnia and fatigue. GUILTY!
  3. Taking long naps during the day. GUILTY!
  4. Eating sugar before bedtime. Sugar alters the chemical balance in your body, which can contribute to impaired sleep. UMM...SOMETIMES...
  5. Drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages too late in the day. GUILTY!
Since I am in the middle of a crazy work schedule right now, I have found it really hard to maintain taking care of myself. I haven't worked out consistently in like a month, I've barely been juicing, and I've been eating out a lot. But the one thing I know I need to stay on top of is my sleep.

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