Monday, January 23, 2012

I haven't forgotten about you

I swear I haven't forgotten to write. I just couldn't get my ass to sit down in the chair and bang out a post at the end of last week. There has been a lot going on though. I just got my first delivery of raw milk and cheeses. I will be writing at length about this soon, but I have been trying them out (and loving it!). I am going on Wednesday to the farm to pick up some more meat & eggs (including beef liver- yum!). I am going to try out pate and some other recipes involving liver to see if I like it and if I can make it easy and palatable for you all. I also have some information about your body's pH balance that I will be schooling you on.

And on the work front I am starting a dark-green-leafy-vegetable-juice business with my father so you will be hearing all about my trials and tribulations involving getting a business up and running in about 30 days. In a nutshell, we juice the stuff and you get it delivered right to your door. Veggie juicing is a pain in the ass, it's messy' it's time consuming. But oh how healthy it is for you!

So, I have a deadline tomorrow night, and then I will be back to normal... see you on Wednesday my friends.

Who's excited for green juice?

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