Monday, May 7, 2012

Energy Vampires & others to watch out for

Recently I have come to be aware that there are people out there that will suck the life out of you. They are the type of people that tractor-beam you in because of their wonderful/fun personality and then leave you completely drained and exhausted. ENERGY VAMPIRES!

Then there are the people that are nice to your face and talk behind your back. You are their friend until you leave the room and they are talking about you to someone else. They are a revolving door of S-H-I-T talking.

And my favorite are the loud-talking-complainers. These people are extra savvy at making every one around them uncomfortable and annoyed. They sit down in a coffee shop w/ a girlfriend and complain about everyone and everything in their life. And sometimes they are also fast-talkers which compounds the feeling inside of me to want to duct tape their mouths shut.

I avoid these people like the plague because I am here on this earth to be happy, healthy, and get some S-H-I-T done while I have the chance. The people you keep in your life effect your happiness and health 100%. How can you be happy and healthy with negativity around you? Drama worship is at an an all time high... a waste of time and energy! Take inventory of the peeps in your life. If they are constantly complaining, always having problems with people in their life, taking all of your energy, not giving and always taking, not happy or positive- make the choice...

Are you able to be happy when you are surrounded with negativity? or can you make some changes so you can start attracting happier people?

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