Friday, September 2, 2011

The BEST Sandwich Ever!

Just a quick little blurb about my favorite sandwich in the world!! My Ode to the Tomato Sandwich. It is so simple it is almost stupid, but so satisfying.

I use The Baker brand bread because that is the only one that I have found so far that is store bought and does not have any garbage in it. I like homemade bread better, however sometimes I just don't have the 3 hours it takes to make. The glue that holds it together is Spectrum Organic Canola Mayonnaise Virtually all store bought mayonnaise brands are made with soybean oil- even the brands that boast they are made with olive oil (the main ingredient is still soybean oil).

I have not written about the controversial topic soy yet (however I will soon) but if you want to know more information in the meantime I would highly recommend The Whole Soy Story by Kaayla T. Daniel. I read it and literally cut all soy out of my diet immediately. It will be a challenge if you are used to eating alot of processed packaged food (including those "healthy" protein bars), but not impossible! I promise.

Anyway, back to the sandwich. Now is the time to take advantage of all of the ripe fresh tomatoes out there. My personal favorite are heirloom- they look funky but they have great flavor. Eat at least one before tomato season is over- you will love it!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

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