Monday, September 19, 2011

Falling off "the wagon"

I fell hard. I was doing great, and then had a major emotional setback (don't worry no one died). It is amazing how your emotions can affect your hunger, cravings, and motivation.

Friday night disaster.

Saturday morning emotional mess. Forced myself to eat half a pear. Walked 6 miles on an empty stomach because I had zero appetite. Forced myself to eat 3 farm eggs. Slept for 3 hours. Forced myself to go out to dinner with one of my best friends. Didn't even eat the Italian bread (my favorite by the way). Forced myself to eat some salmon w/ garlic mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and vegetable slivers.

Sunday morning emotional mess. No motivation- laid in bed for 2 1/2 hours talking on the phone and had every intention to stay in bed all day. Forced myself to get showered and dressed to meet up with some friends. Forced myself to eat a bagel w/ cream cheese. Forced myself to "have a good time". On the way home I actually felt somewhat hungry for the first time since Friday evening. Picked up sushi (salmon avocado and asparagus) and then got a craving for pizza. Stopped and got that too.

What I learned this weekend:

  • All of the fruits and vegetables I ate over the past week could not have prepared me for how my emotions took over my body.
  • Pizza and sushi do not mix well. 
  • I got a headache after eating too much pizza and sushi
  • Washing dinner down with a movie about how you can completely transform your life by eating nothing but vegetable juice does not help.
  • I get super thirsty after eating salty foods.
  • Tomorrow has to be a better day
I will write more when I have more motivation. This was like pulling teeth.

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