Friday, September 16, 2011

CHALLENGE Day #7- Feeling Good

Well, after 7 days of eating alot of fruit and raw vegetables, I feel great! I went to my trainer to weigh-in this morning and lost 1 lb. I lost more lean mass than fat :( but I know that this is because I am not eating as much protein as I need to be.
This is what I have learned:
  • I need to look up some actual recipes for smoothies, as I am getting tired of the mish-mosh that I have been making
  • I find that the days in which I eat fruit and veggie smoothies (vs. just fruit) I crave salt/carbs less
  • I am finding it a little more difficult on the days that I am not in the office (i.e. especially the weekends, traveling back and forth to the boyfriend's apartment)
  • I have better workouts if I eat a little protein a couple hours before. On the days I ate nothing but fruits and veggies before hand I felt sluggish with little motivation.
  • I feel more alert and I do not get the afternoon "dragging ass" feeling where I want to bury my face in a pillow
  • I feel like I am getting slimmer with out really trying. Before if I wanted to loose weight I would have to restrict my diet down to nothing but protein and workout for 2 hours a day. NOT SUSTAINABLE!
  • I actually got a compliment from one of the trainers (something that doesn't happen unless it is actually warranted). She actually asked "are you eating healthier?" YES! I AM (SMILING)!
  • I need to eat more protein, as I am finding I am craving it.
Gotta keep going! 

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