Sunday, September 25, 2011

Healthcare System or Disease-care System?

I just finished watching a documentary called Food Matters. There were about 4 or five doctors/nutritional health leaders interviewed who are and have been actively prescribing healthy lifestyle changes and vitamin therapy to prevent and reverse serious chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

I will tell you what...while Nani was in the hospital getting test after test to find out what was wrong with her, I was there. I had the chance to spend several days in the hospital. You know what I saw? Fat, old, seriously sick people. It was eye-opening to say the least. I would assume that most of my readers are young and relatively healthy, but  I assure you we will not always be this way. You think it can't happen to you, but statistically it will- and the statistics are getting worse.

The war on cancer started in 1972 with President Nixon. In the 25 years following, trillions of dollars were thrown at the problem and the rate of cancer deaths more than doubled. Government is not the answer because they are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, who are in bed with the scientists researching the cancer therapy drugs and the so called "cure".

I learned from this documentary that the only legal cancer therapies are chemo and radiation (poisons) in the USA. It is not legal for a doctor to prescribe nutrition therapy. And why would they? Nutrition is cheap, effective, and once people realized that they didn't need to spend thousands of dollars a year on health insurance, the doctor's would be looking for new work.

I personally do not have health insurance and have not for two years. I go to the dermatologist twice a year, the dentist twice a year, and the gyno once a year. I have been to an emergency clinic once for a UTI. In two years. Total that up and it is roughly $750 a year. Prior to two years ago, I had my own health insurance policy that cost me $275 a month which ends up costing $3300 a year. For someone like myself it just did not add up for me to keep it, especially since my dermatologist does not take any insurance, so that would actually end up costing me $3500 a year. I am in my late-20's and not on any medications. Why the hell would I spend that much each year? Just in case? Well the "just in case" could be in case I get cancer or another debilitating disease. But here's the thing. Regular health insurance only covers up to a certain dollar amount per year. If I were to have cancer and be treated with conventional practices, my yearly allowance would be used up pretty quickly with all of the tests and $6000+ a month for the drugs. It would actually be more beneficial to carry a major medical policy that covers catastrophes than regular health insurance.

Long story short, we all have choices every day about what we put into our bodies. The people that put their health and well being as a priority view themselves as more valuable than most everything else. Most people view all of the other stuff as more valuable than their health. Busy schedules, drama (real and made up), obligations, bullshit time-suck things like reality tv. Even I am guilty of it sometimes, but I have realized that I can control me and pretty much nothing else.

Make yourself your #1 priority and figure out for you what is going to make you feel better. For me it was making an effort to replace 1/2 or more of my diet with raw fruits and vegetables. I had tried everything else (eliminating, meat, dairy, soy) and still did not really feel any better. I can realistically say that this has been the most positive change I have ever made and I encourage everyone to experiment with their own bodies.

There is a link to purchase this documentary plus a few other excellent videos on the right sidebar of this blog. I encourage you to take your health into your own hands while you are still "healthy". Healthcare starts with us. The rest is disease-care.

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