Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friends Are the Best Medicine

More specifically, girlfriends are the best medicine! This past Sunday when I was having an extended woe-is-me moment in my bed, my great friend Kelly (on the right) called and peer-pressured me (she's good at that even through the phone) into meeting up with her and a few other fun ladies.
Thank god she called and I forced myself to get out of bed, shower, put on makeup. It was a beautiful early fall day while we sat on a rooftop and had a few buckets of coronas. And! The best part was that I hung out with one of my oldest friends, Lisa (left), who I have not seen in like 7 or 8 years! I was so happy to hear her laugh and talk about where we have been and where we are now.
Just goes to show you what great friends are for. Thank you especially to Julie, Michelle, Chaump, Kelly, Lisa, Colleen & Kim. You ladies were life savers and mood lifters this past weekend.
You know, I read somewhere recently (if I can find it I will update this post) that women live longer and are happier if they have great friends. I am not sure if this applies to men, I think statistically they die younger anyway (sorry guys!). But it makes sense. Your girlfriends are the ones that you can talk to about anything, and they will listen up to the point of you being a broken record. Then they usually (in the case of my friends) point out the fact that they have heard the same thing over and over and say "Grow a sack!"
Sometimes change is hard. If I want to change my bedroom decor- easy. Switching careers- easy. Getting the motivation to fold and put away my laundry- not so easy. Stop something you know needs to be stopped that involves someone you love tremendously- hard. I'm trying to keep my head high, and thank god that I am super busy this week at work and have school work to finish.
1st chance to open my eyes
2nd chance to open my eyes 
3rd chance to open my eyes
4th chance to open my eyes, looks like I was close
The moral of the story is that I am so grateful to have had one group of girlfriends since grade school and another since high school/college, with a few extra additions here and there. Without them my life would not be as enjoyable, hilarious, grounded as it is. I love you all. And hopefully we all outlive the men and become serious cougars in our old age. JK! I love men.
On to switching everything from my old computer to my new computer! and dealing with the mess of wires that are on and under my desk. Sometimes Jessica runs on Dunkin.

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