Friday, July 6, 2012

Generation F

There is a new wave of people out there that are within 5-10 years of my age that actually wants to return to the land and become farmers. Yours truly included. Let's call them (us) Generation F. I actually fall somewhere at the end of Gen X and the beginning of Gen Y- but I'm not really sure what those generations stand for? Over spending or bigger government maybe?

Being part of a new generation of farmers is something concrete that I can get behind. Although I'm surprised that this group is emerging at such an early age. Generation F is comprised of people ranging in their mid 20's to late 30's who feel the need to get back in touch with the land and animals that feed us. I think it's great, and am proud to be able to say that I grow my own food, I get my hands dirty, and I want to feed myself better quality food.

Lee Kornhauser & Heather Colburn  Ages 26 and 35 | Elder Fire Farm Arts | Dowling, Michigan

"Be patient, each year gets easier! Not everyone is cut out for this sort of lifestyle, but even if you grew up in the suburbs or the city you can learn what you need to know to be a successful farmer—the earth will never stop teaching you."

Kristen Johanson  Age 37 | Blackberry Meadows Farm | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"My husband and I became dissatisfied with the commercial food system and were seeking a more meaningful and sustainable life. On a whim, and with no experience, we chose to quit our jobs and start farming. The road has been long and full of bumps, but we have since found our home here, with our friends at Blackberry Meadows, where we live and work with our new son and the rest of the farm crew."

Courtney & Jacob Cowgill  Ages 32, 34 & 19 months old (Willa Cowgill) | Prairie Heritage Farm 
Conrad, Montana 

"We started farming partially because it was in our blood and partially because we wanted to live and work closer to our families, our food and the land, but mostly because we saw it as a moral imperative. The landscape and communities that raised us -- in rural Central Montana -- needed more families, needed more food and needed more farmers. It was a call we couldn't ignore."

A.M. Thomas  Age 25 | East Hill CSA | Middlesex, New York

"Farms are a microcosm of civilization. If we have heartless, industrial, unhealthy farms, then our country will be heartless, industrial, and unhealthy. But if we have good farms that care for our land and the food that they produce, then our country will be rich with wellness."


Drop a comment if you grow your own food- even if it's just one tomato plant or a pot full of herbs- you are part of Generation F!

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