Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living within Gardens

I'm going back to my architecture roots for a moment. I just came across a house built in Vietnam that is the coolest thing I've seen come out of the architecture world in a while. Even when I was in school and surrounded by design everyday, there were very few buildings that inspired me.

The front and rear facades are created by horizontal cement planters that run floor to ceiling. Isn;t this such a great idea? They are spaced according to the height of the plants in each. If this were my house I would plant  fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This brings urban gardening to a whole new level!

This really just goes to show that with a little creativity, you can put gardens anywhere. You don't need a huge swath of land, or a tractor, to grow plants. I guess in this case though you need an architect and a lot of money haha. But you can start small with pots in windowsills, or if you have access to a roof, make a little potted garden up there.

LOVE IT! Going to put this in my idea box for when I design my own house :)

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