Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to cut a mango

I have been hearing a lot of lamenting about how cutting mangoes is a giant pain in the ass. And I agree. Lucky for you I've put together a quick step by step guide on how to do it fast and almost effortlessly. Mangoes are a tricky fruit. They are odd shaped, they have an ambiguous shaped pit that confuses the smartest of people, and they are slippery. Triple threat!

Seriously though, I've found they aren't that hard to dissect.

1. cut off the bottom (end with the little stem)
2. cut off other end, stand up
3. slice skin off from top to bottom
4. you can figure out which way the pit runs by turning it over
(it's long and skinny and spans the widest part of the mango)
5. slice 1st "half" off of the pit
6. slice 2nd "half" off the pit
7. cut up into smaller pieces, you can also trim what's left of the center
to get the smaller pieces still attached to the pit
Voila! It may take a few times to get the hang of it but I promise you will have a much easier time at it this way. Enjoy!

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