Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beets... the red headed step child of root vegetables

hahahahhahaa, when I went to Google a picture of a red head a lot
of pictures came up about gingers stealing souls LOL had to put one up

I happen to be fond of red heads because we have a lot of them in our family, however, somewhere along the way they got a bad wrap. Kind of like beets. I just started using beets in some of my juices and like them in small amounts in addition to apples, lemon, carrots, and ginger. That makes a really tasty juice that is super detoxifying.

I just came across a video for a beet salad that looks amazing! I've been itching to experiment with beets in salads lately, and plan on doing so once I get home. Yes, still in LA. Take a look. Hope this inspires someone to start using beets!

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