Monday, October 1, 2012

IN SEASON: October

sweet potatoes

It's been a few months since I've written about what is in season... basically because during the summer almost everything is in season and it's easy to get lots of fresh produce. October is one of my favorite months not only because it is my birth month or Halloween but because the weather is always amazing and I instinctively want to start cooking again. During the summer I naturally want to cook less, eat less, and as of late eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies.


butternut squash








Even though we live in America and it's possible to get every kind of fruit and vegetable all year round, it is still better to eat what's in season. Theoretically produce is more nutritious when it is in season (whether that is the case today with all the pesticides and junk is another topic for another day). And nature always provides the foods we need to thrive in each season. Until very recently we ate with the seasons. Roots, berries, greens, sprouts in the spring. Fruit and greens in the summer. Root vegetables, apples, squash, greens, nuts in the fall. Nuts, meats, root vegetables, and grains in the winter.

One of my long term goals is to continue to eat more and more with the seasons. I have been working on it over the past year and have come pretty close to now craving what is in season. I still get thrown off with "American" foods, especially on the weekends, but I am finding that certain foods are more or less appealing to me during certain times of the year. 

Stay tuned for some new recipes from me!

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