Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The perks of staying in a hotel

When I was packing to come to LA I didn't have any room in my bag for my running sneakers (mainly because I had to bring all of my monster heels). I figured it wouldn't really matter anyway because I wouldn't have time to workout between the conference and catching up with friends who live in town.

But now that I'm stuck here with some time to spare and a beautiful hotel gym, I want to workout. I had planned on getting a trolley over to the closest mall and buy a pair since I needed new ones anyway, but yesterday while I was in the bathroom I noticed a little message on the mirror.

This is the greatest thing I've seen a hotel do EVER! besides the hotels that are putting juice bars in their lobbies (hopefully that will be the trend soon). How convenient!?!?! This is one of those services that would seriously make me consider staying at a Westin where ever I could while traveling. And it is only $5 to rent them for your stay! and they give you a coupon if you want to buy anything New Balance online. Talk about a great marketing idea on both New Balance and Westin's part!

About to hit it hard!

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