Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I apologize in advance for the digression this blog has taken. I promise as soon as this CRAZYNESS is over I will go back to writing about cooking. I miss it!

As for today, I have no option but to post from my phone so the pictures are limited to what I have taken with my crappy DROID X, and things will probably not be formatted properly. I am about to take you down a random journey of being Jess.

1. My niece, Cecelia, and I when she was 1 (now 2 1/2). She looks alot different now.

2. My beach in the snow. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon. Wah waahh wahhhh. (Like the doorbell in NL Christmas Vacation when the inlaws show up)

3. My dream bedroom from Ikea (minus the rug) day. I am actively designing the house I will have another architect build for me. It may seem nuts to you that I have my masters in architecture and I don't want to build my own house, but this is my short explanation of why. When I graduated and got a real job, reality struck. I hated managing all of the minute details of everything that goes into building a building. So there you have it. I am much happier focusing on how my grande profesh kitchen is going to look so I can cook up a storm and report back to my loyal followers. 

4. Cancun, I miss you right now. I am going to try to make a trip back to see you (or one of your distant cousins- Bahamas, Puerto Rico you are on the list too).

5. Dead Dog! Not really. That's Lucy, my Dad's dog, and that is her favorite nap spot- right in the middle of the doorway from our office to the rest of the office. 

6. I'm not sure what these things are (besides the mermaids purse), but they were all over the beach after the hurricane we got in September (or August, can't remember). I was afraid to take them home because all I could think of was the movie Critters where the cute furry ball things transformed into killing monsters. I didn't want these alien pods hatching in my bedroom. So I took a picture instead.

That's all the random thoughts I have for now ladies and gents. When my days are not consumed with sitting in parking lots I'm sure I will have more intellectual things to write about.

Love you all!

PS...the granola bars did not set from last night. They were gooey but not right. I also realized that after I ate them I was exhausted, and I think that is because we cannot digest grains in their raw form. So, my friends, you need to toast the oats, and you need to make a syrup out of butter and agave nectar, cook, and then cool in the refrigerator. Raw granola bars just don't work.

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