Saturday, November 5, 2011

Milk Myth: It does a body good (Especially if it has hormones in it)

If you need another reason to start buying organic dairy you go.

I have read and watched a bunch of things from doctors, authors, researchers, undercover film makers. Cutting out conventional dairy (meaning non organic) is absolutely 100% one of best things that you can do for yourself...especially if you are worried about cancer. Actually, if you are really worried about your health and cancer I would cut out as much dairy as you possibly can. I mean I know that suggestion may have just blown your world to pieces, but seriously...

I was one of you...How am I going to cut cheese out of my diet? I LOVE CHEESE! And what am I going to put in my coffee? It took me a full year to slowly cut dairy out of my diet, and then I didn't eat dairy for a few years. This was not because I was worried about my health...this was because I was having back-end blowouts ALL THE TIME. It was starting to disrupt my social life.

Just recently I got over my coffee addiction by crowding it out with smoothies, so I drink almost no half and half anymore. I eat Greek yogurt every once and a while and only eat cheese on special occasions (or when I am nursing a hangover).

IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT! do not need milk for strong bones. Just a tidbit of information...there is more bio-available calcium in dark green leafy vegetables than there is in milk. (Bio-available means that our bodies can absorb it better). Asians don't have Got Milk? campaigns, and you don't hear about old Asian ladies breaking hips. If they live without dairy, so will you.

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