Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Working Myself Up to Workout

As many of you may be aware, last weekend was the NYC Marathon. I had the opportunity to spectate and cheer on my friend (and fellow rhino) Colleen. I am no longer allowed to complain about my 1 hour workouts. It was really mind blowing and awe inspiring to see so many runners. We were posted up at 59th and 1st which was right were they came off the bridge and were back in Manhattan.
Run Colleen Run!!
To see many of the runners who were older than I was (some by at least 40 years) and fatter than I was accomplish this (and look damn good doing it- I only saw 1 man crying) made me realize that...I AM A BIG COMPLAINER AND I AM NOT ALLOWING MYSELF TO DO IT ANYMORE.

Some of the highlights that I saw (which I unfortunately did not get on camera) were a lady dribbling a basket ball, a guy juggling, a giant chicken costume, and a guy running past drinking a beer motioning for all of the ladies to "call him".

As I start another workout challenge this week, I am going to try to keep in mind all of the smiling faces that were whizzing past at mile 16. If they can do that then I can push myself to get to the gym more often and not complain about how I HATE to work out.

Working out is so good for you on so many levels. First, it is a better way to build strong bones than to drown yourself in milk. If you are worried about osteoporosis, start working out, lifting weights (with guidance if you are new to it) and eat more dark green leafy veggies. SIDE NOTE: there is more bio-available calcium in dark greens than there is in dairy products. You will also loose weight which is great for your physical health, but also for your mental health. It will help you sleep better, digest your food better, have more energy, and feel better about yourself.

Here is a link to an the 20 most common exercise myths 20 Fitness Myths Slideshow. I used to believe several of these.
I wish....I would need to run 4 miles for this to make sense for my body.
(substitute gin for wine & minus the bong hits)
BONUS: If your reasoning behind your lack of workouts is not enough time, I have the perfect solution for you. A friend just introduced me to this website called She said that she knew of a few people who had done it or were in the process of doing it and were getting AMAZING results. The best part about it is....the workouts are all designed to complete in about 15 minutes. So NO MORE EXCUSES ABOUT BEING TOO BUSY!

I am going to do this (modified because I am not going to buy the equipment right now) on the days that I am not in the gym (2-3 days a week). I'll let you know about my results. I started taking my measurements so I can track my progress.

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