Monday, November 14, 2011

Mid-day Revelations

I think when my blog blows up I am going to hire Natalie Dee to illustrate one's just for me.
I think we are twins separated at birth. there something you aren't telling me?
As I sit in a random parking lot watching our Christmas tree stands being erected, all of these things are flowing through my head. First I would like to say that I left the house today without brushing my hair or looking in the mirror.  Umm... am I 29 or 10? How does that slip my mind? I did manage to brush my teeth though which is a plus I guess.

Secondly, I am in Christmas tree hell- and it is not glamorous (or warm). Also I need to learn Spanish because I would love to know what our laborers are saying.

I am super excited that the massive pinched nerve that conveniently shows up ever year right before setups start is finally going away. Thank you icy hot patches. And thank you Michelle from Massage Envy for the 1 1/2 hour massage you are going to give to me tonight.

I got over the fear of the engine light coming on in my car. That has been a major source of anxiety for me since I was 17 and driving Big Red (Ford F-350 extended cab- FLASHBACK!) I wish I had time to go through my pics from back in the day but unfortunately they are buried in a bin in my garage. One of these days when I am rich enough to hire a personal assistant she will be scanning in all of my old pics, and when that happens I will take a stroll down memory lane with you all.

Thank you also to Lisa for starting to prepare me fresh&raw food each week...I am so sick of what I have been eating (sweet potatoes , salmon salad, boring salads). I need some variety!

I miss cooking. I have been working everyday for the past 2 weeks (except the day I went to the NYC marathon) and aside from the soup I made the other night, I haven't cooked ANYTHING! Sorry folks this is going to be a "how to eat on the run" blog for the next few weeks.

My car is dirty,  my nails are AWFUL, I feel slightly strung out, but thankfully my aviators are covering my un-makeuped eyes...don't you wish you we're dating me? Haha

I can't wait until I can get dressed up again, drink copious amounts of wine, and dance until my beautiful shoes make me want to cut off my feet... definitely going to Atlantic City after Christmas is over. I need a Borgata night fo sho.

BTW...this was the sunset last night...AMAZING RIGHT?!? (And I didn't even Photoshop this)

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