Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Falling in the Rain & Rolling Around in the Grass

Funny story. So Friday night we all went out for one of my bestie's birthdays at this really fun bar/club close by. I made the point of telling everyone to wear flip flops because they have an outside area with gravel (picture a camp ground with boccie ball and picnic tables). Long story short I fell in the gravel a few weeks ago because I was wearing crazy insane heels. So, I gave everyone fair warning.

After hours of dancing (in my flip flops) and drinking prosecco (yes I drink champagne when I go out) we were about to leave. The only problem was that the gusty wind turned into gusty wind + monsoon like conditions. Picture a hurricane minus the dangerous flying debris.

On the count of three we all sprinted to the car. I took a graceful leap off the curb to try to hop over the river puddle that was not draining into the over-flooded sewer. Well, have you ever miscalculated how deep something is? Haha, I did. I thought the puddle was about a foot shallower than it really was which sent me palms first, fully submerged under water. (OMG I can't even type I'm laughing so hard). I stood up and looked down at myself in complete shock that in 15 seconds I went from being doused with raindrops to looking like I jumped in a pool. Makeup running down my face, perfect hair turned stringy mess. COMPLETELY SOPPING WET!

(PS...I'm almost 30 years old. When does ridiculous S-H-I-T like this stop happening?)

And the kicker was that my flipflops came off and were floating down the street. AWESOME! So apparently flip flops do not protect you from falling when you are falling into water. Take note of this.

So not only did I get wet, but so did everyone else with me as we were all paralyzed with laughter while they were trying to collect me and my things. I wish we got it on video so you all could've seen it. PRICELESS!

Anywho, when we got back to the house I got the great idea that since we were already soaked we might as well go play in the rain. And by play I mean roll around in the grass like we were 6 years old. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. 

When was the last time you played in the rain? Or took off your shoes and sat in the grass. If you are a beginner I would work up to rolling around. You might go into shock.

Anyway, it was so refreshing (not to mention fun) acting like I was a child again. Maybe that's why people drink? So they can feel okay about letting loose. If you watch kids play, and then watch adults drink, sometimes it's pretty similar.

The moral of this story...feed your inner child and have fun. There is no point in eating healthy if you aren't having fun at the same time. Assignment: take off your shoes, go outside, lay in the grass, then start rolling around (rain optional). 

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