Thursday, June 7, 2012

I miss cooking

oh mussels... how I miss you!

I recently realized that with all of this juicing and eating as much raw food as I can, that I haven't been cooking or even preparing anything worth blogging about. As much as I love juicing... I'm over it! I know I said I was going to try to juice majority of my diet for 30 days, but I'm done. Like 1 or 2 max per day. I need to eat real food. I don't know how people do this longer for a week. Maybe that's why all of these juice cleansing companies are popping up. Well, I'm in if for the long haul so I'm going to just drink juice in the a.m.

On the "cooking" front, I came across a wonderful gal, Blythe Metz, and her online raw cooking show, Blythe Raw Live, a while back, but I hadn't really taken the time until the past week to actually watch her show from beginning to end, 10 in a row to be exact. I had contacted her to get her permission to put some of her shows on our Raw Generation website because she talks all about why it's so great to include as much raw in your diet as you can, and BONUS! raw food recipes that are simple and fast.

I was bummed for a while because when it comes to raw food "cooking" I draw a blank. Put a pot on the stove, show me where the pantry is, and I can create anything. So, I am going to use her shows to inspire a new side of my cooking abilities. AND! My dad bought a dehydrator so I'm going to be testing out a bunch of raw snacks for myself.

I'll keep you posted! 

And P.S. don't burn yourself out with a juice cleanse. It's much better to be consistent and drink one everyday than to go APE S-H-I-T for a week. It's all about slowly adding healthy things in to improve your lifestyle.

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