Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From seed to plant in 2 weeks

peas & kale
It's amazing how fast things grow. I planted everything just about 2 weeks ago and already we have major growth on some of the vegetables. It amazes me when you start out with a big patch of dirt filled with seeds and in a few short weeks you have plants you can eat. I'm really looking forward to being able to eat fresh veggies right out of the ground in a few short weeks.

mini tomato plants
I highly recommend everyone plant at least something of their own whether it's herbs, a tomato plant, or an entire garden with a variety of stuff. It is so important to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in every color. Each color is associated with different nutrients and all of them are equally as important from collard greens down to potatoes. I put together this little chart to show some of the nutritional info for each of the colors of fruits and vegetables... 

Some of that language is kindof technical, however, for those of you who need to know all of this stuff here it is. I have been reading about all of these different phytochemicals and antioxidants since I started researching how to eat to prevent cancer. While I am no expert, I have gathered that it is not as important to know exactly how everything works, but just that it does. I personally believe that most scientists don't even fully understand how all of these individual chemicals work together to do the magic they do.


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