Friday, June 29, 2012

Healthcare VS Selfcare

I had been wanting to write about this topic for a while now, but seeing as Obama and the US Supreme Court just brought this issue to the front of everyone's minds I have some much needed motivation.

I have thought for a while now that our healthcare system is broken. It is too expensive for average people without health insurance to be able to afford anything other than the bare necessities. I could conjure up dozens of reasons why healthcare costs are skyrocketing- government intervention, illegal aliens taking advantage of the system, too much bureaucracy, too much paperwork, too complicated, etc, etc. I don't think it was one thing in particular, but a whole bunch of things that created the perfect storm we are in now. 

And to top it off, the people who don't feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on health insurance are now going to be taxed- like myself.

I don't have health insurance and I don't feel the need to have it right now. I had a policy that I paid for myself a few years back. But after I realized I was spending $3000 a year on insurance I didn't really use, I cancelled it and now I pay out of pocket if I have to go to the doctor. I average less than $800 a year with the visits like my dermatologist (who doesn't take insurance anyway), gyno, and dentist. I am 29, healthy thus far, and have no reason to need to spend $3000 a year on a policy that I can't even use at my derm and dentist.

This new "tax" that Obama proposed and the Supreme Court passed will effect people that are already struggling financially and/or are taking care of themselves with alternative remedies who didn't see the value in paying for a policy in the first place. Now we are going to be forced to pay- they think.

Why Obama and other "free healthcare" advocates think government run healthcare will work here is beyond me. It doesn't work anywhere. Anything run by the government ends in financial ruins, and healthcare is not the exception.
Friday, June 22, 2012 
The economic situation in Greece is only continuing to worsen, as reports indicate that hospitals and care centers throughout the nation are running completely out of medicines, and many healthcare workers are now voluntarily providing care services without pay.
Strapped with spiraling debt, the Greek healthcare, which is government-run, has had to receive gobs of international financial aid just to keep operating with some semblance of normalcy. There has also been plenty of IOUs issued, and desperate patients quietly forking over cash "gifts" to doctors to receive treatments. All in all, the healthcare situation is in utter chaos, save for those that have sacrificed their own time, often free of charge, just to help those in need.
(Source: Natural News) 

So what do we do? Well, for starters I'm not paying a FUCKING penny (excuse my French) to the government for healthcare that is being forced on me. Secondly, it's time to give serious consideration to doing everything you can to make sure you don't end up sick in the hospital. An apple a day isn't going to cut it anymore. And if you are already on meds or multiple meds, grossly overweight, suffering with allergies, whatever! you need to start thinking about changing around your lifestyle to make yourself healthier. Get off the meds because they are not going to cure you of anything- they are bandaids. Make it a priority to lose the weight because weight gain leads to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Get rid of what's stressing you, stop running yourself into the ground, take time to eat something healthy even if it takes longer or costs a little more.

The government is acting like they are doing us a favor by forcing us into mandatory health insurance, when the reality is that they are taking away our options. Well until the day comes that they restrict us from buying healthy food (fruits and vegetables) we still have that option. And as far as I can see eating healthy is the best one- health insurance or no health insurance.

Who's as pissed off as I am about this?

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