Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Smoothie or Juice?

My humble opinions about whether to juice your fruits and veggies or whether to smoothie. Some people say that juicing is better because you can consume more poundage in one shot so to speak. Others say that smoothies are better because they contain the whole fruit and/or vegetable. 

To me, if you are doing one or the other or a little bit of both you are way ahead of the curve. Most people don't eat ANY fruits or vegetables. So if you like a smoothie in the morning, DO IT! If you don't like the consistency of smoothies but you want to juice, DO IT! If you want fresh pressed juice but you don't want to make it yourself, PATIENTLY WAIT A FEW MORE WEEKS UNTIL WE (RAW GENERATION) CAN GET OUR S-H-I-T TOGETHER AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS! (PS. you can sign up for our newsletter on our homepage)

But in all seriousness, smoothies are good because they are LOADED with fiber and you can literally add in a whole day's serving of fruit in a blender. They are also more filling than juice because of all of the fiber. 

Juices are also good because you can get A TON of dark greens in one glass, where as it would be almost impossible for most of us to consume that many dark greens in one day. Maybe if we weren't addicted to McDonald's and potato chips. In one 16 oz glass of juice that I make myself I can get 1 whole head of kale plus some apples and lemon to sweeten it up. And I promise it tastes good. I wouldn't drink it if it didn't. 

Dark greens are literally the one thing that I tell everyone to increase in their diet- usually by adding them to smoothies or juicing them. 

So... smoothie or juice...doesn't matter...get it in your mouth!

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