Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Cold Jessie

Remember yesterday I mad the squash concoction? Well this would have been a perfect pair, except I cooked it after the fact. In spite of the fact that the chicken was to large for my dutch oven, I ended up with a lovely chicken soup that I completely did not intend to make.

I seasoned the chicken with garlic powder, onion powder, & pepper; put some water in the dutch oven; cut up some carrots, red onions, and threw in rosemary sprigs. Set it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour to hour and a quarter (depending on the size of the chicken). Voila!

All you have to do is pick the meat off the chicken after it has cooled and you have soup! I had anticipated being able to get a lot more meat off this bird, but it was small so I only got enough to use in the soup. But...if you get a larger bird you could do both- soup & pick the meat off.

My favorite, favorite, favorite, thing is a chicken breast sandwich. I just use a good whole grain bread w/ A LOT of mayonnaise and some lettuce and tomato.

Next up! Chicken liver....yum!!!!

Haha, this chicken came with it's liver and I have been reading about how healthy it is to eat liver because it contains Vitamin A & D which are the vitamins that allow your body to utilize all other vitamins and minerals. Without enough Vitamin A & D the nutrients just pass right through and never get absorbed.

We'll see how this goes. The verdict isn't in as to whether I will actually like liver.

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