Thursday, February 9, 2012

Needing some perspective...

I'm back! And I feel a million times better. I swear all I need to do is sleep and my body takes care of the rest. Today I worked on logo options for the green juice biz... Raw Generation. Let me first explain why we chose this name. After hours of going over about it felt like hundreds of different names, Raw Generation stuck because of a few reasons:

  1. it is generic enough that we can use it for products other than juice
  2. it has the raw factor
  3. there is plenty we can do with the marketing of this
  4. the domain name and business registration names were both available
So after brainstorming with my father on Tuesday about what we each like in a logo (we did a Google search and looked at all of the ones that popped up) I had a better idea of how to go about this so that we would both be happy with the designs. I also had to keep in mind that this had to work with/be able to morph into bottles, packaging, website & blog (yes, I will be starting another blog strictly devoted to dark green leafy vegetable juice and whatever else is to come from Raw Generation).

Here are the results: 









I would love, love, love some feedback or opinions as to which one(s) are your favorites! xoxo


  1. LOVE the round ones.. esp the first and last. You're awesome. ;)

  2. i like 1 and 6. the stencil lettering looks too much like the RAW sugar logo.

    1. Now that you point that out I agree about the stencil lettering. Thanks Dana!!!

  3. i like 1 and 9. 1 if you want to keep it strickly green and 9 if you want to incorporate more colors.


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