Friday, February 10, 2012

Black Market Milk

I finally got around to writing about my raw milk experience. I know there are people out there who would love to hear that I was violently ill, it was gross, it had green mold, etc. etc. Actually, it was awesome! The milk and cheeses I bought were absolutely fresh and amazing, and I will continue to buy raw milk and dairy products as long as I can find it.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. The place that I bought the dairy from, Udder Milk, was kind of secretive in the way that they deal with the customer. They were very strict about only handing it over to the person who placed the order and only accepted cash. I assume that this is because of the controversy that surrounds raw milk, and the fact that it is actually illegal to sell in NJ. Oops! I broke another law!

I bought raw whole milk (the cream actually does rise to the top!), raw mozzarella cheese, raw cheddar cheese, and raw heavy cream. Everything was great! The heavy cream is actually more like butter than what we consider heavy cream.

And! Remember how I was always complaining about super dry skin? Well, I just realized a couple of days ago that it has been at least a week since I have noticed my skin. I used to wake up in the middle of the night  scratching my legs. I would have to lather on oil, and cream, and more cream half way through the day, and a lot before bed. Annoying!!! 

I'm not exactly sure if it is all of the raw dairy I have been eating/drinking, but that is the only significant change I have made in the past month, which is what leads me to think this is the reason.

If you are interested in ordering raw milk you can find farms local to you at Real Milk. They have all the information you will need about the health benefits and where to find it depending on where you live. If you still need convincing there is plenty of information on the bogus research that the government is using to try to  make us believe that raw milk is horrible for our health.

Whatever U.S. Government! I will continue to drink/eat raw milk and cheeses because I am convinced that if raw milk were bad, there would be no mammal alive on this Earth. Think about it and then form your own opinion based on the research that you have done, not what some government crony is paid to say by Big Dairy.

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