Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My thoughts on "occupying" things

Yesterday was Occupy You Food Suppy day #OFS. I get it that people are fed up with how things are being run- I am too. The government is in bed with big dairy, big business, big agriculture, big banks & everyone else who loves free money.

While generally I think it is a good thing that people stand up for what they believe in, "occupying" anything other than a job is really not going to benefit anyone- including yourself.

I agree that the food industry is a F'ed up. I agree that we are fatter and sicker because of it. I agree that something needs to be done. But what I don't agree with is "occupying" anything- except maybe the White House lawn (b/c whether you want to face it or not, all this bullshit wouldn't be possible without a big government, handouts, and lobbying). The Occupy Movement that started with Wall Street (which was in my humble opinion a bunch of misinformed, wanna-be hippies that had no real agenda and no work ethic) was such a time and money suck that I am not going to waste any more time talking about it. Now the Occupiers are occupying what? food stores? Monsanto's corporate headquarters? Who knows. As far as I could see it didn't make the evening news.

Here are some actual things every ordinary person who cares about themselves, their health, their wallet, and their families can do without having the I'm-a-hippie-and-I-need-something-to-cry-about stigma:

  • buy more produce, it doesn't even have to be organic
  • stop buying the junk that's making you and your children fat monsters
  • buy seeds and start growing some of your own food (instead of spending hundred of $'s on pretty flowers for your garden)
It doesn't have to be this big to-do to make changes. All you have to do is vote with your fork and your dolla dolla bills yo! We don't need more farm bills or Occupy Movements. Get the government/evil food industry out of your food by changing the food that you buy. 

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