Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finding Inspiration

Winter is beautiful if you can face the cold and wander for a while.

I am home & I am sick. My room is a mess and there are tissues everywhere. The 3 onions and 1 slightly bruised green apple I have in my produce basket do not make for a delicious green smoothie! When I woke up a while ago I had that 'Can't I just fall back asleep?' feeling. But I couldn't, because when I am awake I am awake. So, like every other morning, I turned to my phone to start catching up on the dozen or so blogs that I follow. Sometimes I read all of them and sometimes I just breeze through. Today there was one written by a fellow blogger that I had not read in a while- Gluten Free Girl & the Chef. In her post about collard greens I found the most amazing find EVER

La Tartine Gourmande

I have to admit that I am instantly attracted to anything French. I knew nothing about La Tartine Gourmande, other than it was a French name... so I clicked through and found my inspiration for the day (and hopefully many days to come).

Images from La Tartine Gourmand
The French have a way of portraying even the simplest things as elegant. I envy that. Besides the fact that this woman has a beautiful way of photographing her food and an eloquent written voice, the colors and details are impeccable. This is what I strive to be like in my life. Colorful, dainty, & perfectly accessorized.

As for now, I am sniffly, sneezy, and groggy. But I will get better! 

On to finish my tea and start the process of branding our new juice biz...

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