Sunday, February 19, 2012

Revisiting my goals

Lately I have been focusing on eliminating as much from my to-do list as I possibly can. I ask myself:

  • Will this bring me closer to my goals?
  • Do I really want to work on this?
  • Do I really need to work on this?
  • Will this improve my life?
I decided a few weeks ago that I was not going to pursue a business that I had thought up. At the time of it's inception I thought it was something that could really take off. But after getting curbed for a few months, I realized that it was not something I was in love with and it would just be a distraction for me right now. 

I put quite a bit of pressure on myself for not launching right away, but in hindsight I think that when delays like that happen, they are for the best. I would have spent countless hours building something that I ultimately would have lost passion for, and would have distracted me from the things that I love doing. This is the first time in my life where I can honestly say that waiting actually paid off. 

I figured I should make it a habit to re-evaluate my goals every once and a while because I tend to have extreme enthusiasm for projects at first, and then once I am knee deep they tend to become burdensome. So I am taking a second look (6 weeks later) at the goals I set out to conquer at the beginning of this year.

Dec. 30, 2011: 
I am on to bigger and better things. My specific goals for 2012 are:
  • finish my book (I just finalized scope)
  • figure out which publishing route I am going to take
  • grow my readership to 10,000 reads per day (I am at 1900+ this month)
  • create and sell and app for android/iPhone (details TBD)
  • work towards seeing 40 health counseling clients per month (starting in March)
  • vacation at least once (Rincon, PR is calling my name)
  • start saving $ to buy land/design & build a house (not ready yet, but want to have $$ by the time I am)
My thoughts after settling into February....

  • I am putting the writing a book thing on the back burner for a while. I realized that #1 I am still in school and I need to focus on that right now, #2 everything that I wanted to put into a book I can put in my blog, #3 I thought I finalized my scope, however, I keep changing my mind so I am going to wait until someone approaches me or I am absolutely sure of what I want the focus to be.
  • My readership is growing by leaps and bounds. It is amazing that the littlest things can catapult you so much farther than you ever expected. There's that 80/20 rule again! You will get 80% of the results from 20% of the true!
  • I still have creating and selling an app for the android/iPhone market in my radar. It isn't #1 right now, but it is something I think will pay off.
  • Right now I have a trip to visit friends in Los Angeles coming up (never been!) and I am planning a trip to Paris and the south of France with my sister over the summer. Two blonde American girls in France- look out! Ha! I am so looking forward to eating and drinking, taking photographs and writing for a few weeks in France. Ahhhh! That is my calling!
  • As far as saving money is concerned, I am incapable right now. However, I am working on finding more freelance graphic design work so I can start bringing in the big bucks! I'm also promoting my health coaching business...if your life/health is a mess and you need some help digging yourself out don't hesitate to contact me. I've been there before. I am an expert on getting yourself out of shitty situations/feelings/health concerns.
So there... I have made some progress on a few of my goals. That's good for only 6 weeks into the new year. I plan on doing this every month or so, so I'll keep you posted. Also! Still working on the juicing business! I know that wasn't in the plan for 2012. That's because I wasn't sure if we were going to pursue it until after the New Year. Still working on branding, but will be sure to keep you updated on the progress. 

What keeps you motivated? or helps you get it back?

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