Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Use for Thyme

I set up a few Google filters so that everyday I get emails with links to everything that's going on on the web related to the topics I'm interested in. One of them is "raw food" and for the past few weeks I've been seeing stories about how the herb thyme "may" be more useful in curing acne than products that arbenzoyl peroxide based.

Acne is big business. So is skin care and anti-aging. Wouldn't it be great if we could change our skin by changing what we eat?

I have no doubt.

Acne cure may be a matter of thyme
April 11 2012 (Original Source)
The herb thyme may be more effective at treating acne than current medicines, research has found.
A tincture made from the plant may also be kinder to the skin and, unlike powerful peroxide-based treatments, will not leave bleach marks on pillow cases and clothes.
Scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University compared thyme’s spot-busting potential with marigold, myrrh – three plants already sold as acne treatments by herbalists – and acne-fighting chemical benzoyl peroxide.
They steeped the herbs in alcohol to draw out the active compounds before adding pimple-causing bacterium propionibacterium acnes. The thyme tincture was the most effective at killing bacteria, destroying around 100,000 bacteria per ml – or half a million per teaspoonful. It was also slightly more effective than benzoyl peroxide, the chemical in some prescription treatments and acne products such as Clearasil and Oxy 5 and 10.
Tests also showed the antibacterial effects were not simply due to the alcohol in the tincture sterilising the skin.
Researcher Dr Margarita Gomez-Escalada said more tests were needed but added: “If thyme tincture is proven to be clinically effective, it may be a natural alternative to current treatments”.
Treatments containing benzoyl peroxide can cause a burning sensation, she said.
She added: “Herbal preparations are less harsh, while our results suggest they can be just as, if not more, effective.” - Daily Mail
This article is talking about using it as a topical treatment. However, what would happen if we juiced and drank it? I may just have to come up with a recipe including thyme as one of the ingredients. I'll get back to you on this!

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