Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Reality of NYE Goals

Looking back is always funny. For whatever reason, your lofty ambitions always seem so realistic and attainable. But ahhh how reality has a way of changing everything. Over the past few months I have been very productive. However, I would have to be productive 100% of the 24 hours in each day in order to get done what I had wanted to get done December 31st of 2011. Lets take a look at what I had planned for myself:

December 31st, 2011- My specific goals for 2012 are:
  • finish my book (I just finalized scope) I am not ready to write a book I keep going back and forth, plus I am starting Raw Generation so everything else pretty much took a backseat 
  • figure out which publishing route I am going to take obsolete
  • grow my readership to 10,000 reads per day (I am at 1900+ this month) I had a huge month in February where I had over 28,000 reads IN ONE MONTH!!! Now I am averaging 432 per day, which is a huge jump from 69 per day in December!!!
  • create and sell and app for android/iPhone (details TBD) Still in my radar for later on this year.
  • work towards seeing 40 health counseling clients per month (starting in March) Wow, that was serious ambition. I am still working on getting 4 clients haha. Slow and steady wins the race :)
  • vacation at least once (Rincon, PR is calling my name) Got out to Los Angeles which was on my list for a while, still haven't planned a big trip yet. Maybe in the fall.
  • start saving $ to buy land/design & build a house (not ready yet, but want to have $$ by the time I am) Definitely not able to do this yet. Maybe once Raw Generation gets off the ground. 
  • running the NYC Marathon Still haven't heard if I got an entry yet, although I am not so secretly hoping that I don't get a number because I know that this was me being over ambitious. But just in case I am training. 
So, some things I hadn't planned for were going raw and starting Raw Generation. These came about in January & February, and am so excited to be launching soon! May 1st we are hoping to go live. Vegetable juice for everyone!

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