Thursday, April 12, 2012

Changes are coming....

is the smiling man in a lab coat
supposed to reassure us? he looks very scientific 

I just got this lovely piece of propaganda in the mail yesterday. It basically says that now instead of just drinking chlorine from tap water, they are now adding in ammonia. AWESOME! I LOVE AMMONIA! Now if they could only find a way to put red wine in the water supply I would really be happy. People must really be stupid enough to believe this garbage otherwise they wouldn't be sending out mass mailings. Looks like it's time to find a water cooler delivery company!

I've been meaning to do this for a while now for the sole reason that when I drink tap water out of a cup it smells like I'm diving into a swimming pool. I never really noticed it until recently so I'm not sure if they changed the amount they put into our supply or if it is because I am eating a cleaner diet. Either way it's time.

Oh and BONUS! They put a little section in the notice for kidney dialysis patients. Now people on dialysis have to consult their doctor before drinking the tap water. And another section for fish owners. You better stop using tap water to fill your fish tank otherwise your beloved fishies are going to have to be prematurely flushed down the toilet.


And yet another reason to sign up for a water delivery service- fluoride! I don't think I have written about this yet. In a nutshell it is literally an industrial waste product that the powers that be force on us and tell us that it's for our health. Just Google "fluoride toxicity in water" and read for a few minutes. If you are anything like me you will be thoroughly disgusted. Fluoride is only beneficial (if it really is) when it's used topically like a mouth rinse.

So in the middle of writing this I called up and ordered a water cooler to be delivered to my house. You wanna know how cheap it is per month? $23.99 THAT'S IT! There are no excuses why anyone who is subjected to crazy chemicals put in their municipal water supply can't afford this. And BONUS! The company I ordered from has coolers that dispense hot and cold water- INSTANT TEA!!!

Here's what to ask:

  • are any chemicals added to the water?
  • is fluoride added to the water?

Who plans on ordering water? or already does?

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