Monday, April 9, 2012


Not right now, but in general. I have always been the type to need a lot of sleep- even back when I was a kid according to my parents. Unfortunately I am the lightest sleeper in this universe.

Several years back when I was in college I was introduced to a white noise maker. I quickly became addicted and have been sleeping with one ever since. More recently I found those foam ear plug things which are literally a life saver and much easier to carry around with you than a white noise maker.
I am especially sunny and bright when someone wakes me up. Kidding. That couldn't be further from the truth. I would hate me if I had to wake me up. I'm sorry to my parents for all of the stink eyes and disdainful comments that were spewed in my half-sleep stupor. 

And since it is spring the birds are back. Normally this is awesome, however this year the noisiest bird that ever existed has decided to make its nest in our gutter. Cute! but noisy. So not only do I hear her squawking at all hours of the day and night, but she gave birth to numerous chicks that are just as noisy as she is. My noisemaker was no match for her last night. This F-ing bird woke me up from a dream w/ her jibber jabber in the middle of the night. All I can say is thank me for keeping those foam ear plugs by my bed. 

On to the point of this story... sleep is so important in staying healthy. And quality sleep is key. During the night when you are dreaming crazy S-H-I-T your body is healing itself, and (hopefully) burning fat. The body's soul purpose at night is to undo all of the damage that had been done to it the previous day. If you are not getting enough sleep or getting pour quality sleep then your body cannot do it's job. And the junk builds up. 

Remember how about 50 words ago I mentioned that your body is supposed to burn fat while you sleep? It's true, BUT only if you go to bed with an empty stomach. The reason your body burns fat if you go to bed with an empty stomach is because fat is your body's energy reserve and guess what? You need energy during your sleep to detox and cleanse. So here's what you do. Eat no later than 4 hours before you go to bed and make it one of your lighter meals of the day. 

Even I (the model of all good habits lol- kidding!) have a hard time with this one ESPECIALLY considering my absolute favorite thing is long, later dinners. I absolutely love going out to dinner and sitting there for 3+ hours eating and drinking wine and talking. Actually if I was super loaded that's probably what I would do every night of the week. 

Anyway the moral of the story here is to try to do anything to get the best quality sleep you can get. Sleep machines, ear plugs, blackout shades. Anything except sleep meds! Should probably put a disclaimer on this one. I'm not advocating sleep meds. 

Nighty night!

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