Thursday, April 26, 2012

CONTEST: Name that juice

So, May 1st is right around the corner. That was the self-imposed launch date for Raw Generation. Ahh how time flies and the to-do list never gets any shorter. Well, here's an update...
  • The website is pretty solid with a few minor details that I need to work out. 
  • Our 1st recipe is (do I dare say it?) soooo close to being finalized
  • We still don't have our packaging/bottles figured out yet
  • Because we don't have our packaging figured out yet, we don't have our shipping materials figured out yet.
This brings me to tonight's topic. WE NEED A NAME FOR OUR SIGNATURE JUICE! 

The base of each of our signature juices is going to be dark green leafy vegetables: kale, collards, spinach, Swiss chard, & wheat grass. We are going to sell the stuff straight up 100% concentrated, 75% green w/ fruit juice mix, and 50% green with fruit juice mix. 

We are looking for the "Coco Puffs" of fresh pressed juice. This means we need a name that will become our signature juice brand and convey that it's green, healthy, vitamin packed, fresh, raw. It can be as creative as you are and artwork is welcome, although not necessary. Also, it should be flexible as we plan on growing the line of juices with different flavor combinations.


We will send you a check if we use your idea, and if there are two that we combine, both people will split the $100. 

Please leave a comment below, or email me at with any ideas you have. Also, we are asking everyone to like our Facebook page here and/or follow us on Twitter @RawGeneration here for information on raw foods, healthy lifestyles, and updates on Raw Generation. 



  1. Am I the first to leave a comment for the "name that juice" contest? Very hard to believe! Well, here goes... how about RAWrageous Nectar or RAWlious Nectar, no, ah! RAWlectable Nectar! Okay, you get the jest of it, LOL! Do what you will with it!

  2. your juice looks like it tastes like grass

    1. It tastes green for sure, but sweet too! We've worked on the recipe so that it tastes good while you still get a high concentration of dark greens.

  3. when does your contest end?


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