Friday, December 9, 2011

Constipation Consternation

I have been a little concerned as of late because I have not been "regular" if you know what I mean.

WARNING: I am about to talk about poop. If it grosses you out, I am sorry. However, I think in public you would poo poo this, but in private (which I assume you are now) you really want to read more. Just my guess.

It started a few weeks ago, actually it was a few days before Thanksgiving. It was around the time I made lentil soup, so at first I thought it might be that, but it has been too long now. Then I thought it was because I took a brief hiatus from smoothying, but I am back to that now and I am still having "issues". I even started taking Citrucel again.

To be more specific I was just in the ladies room at my office, which is basically right off of the main room. I was "stuck" in there for said reason and realized that I had left one of the doors unlocked, which instantly gave me anxiety about "What if someone walks in? I can't tell them I'm constipated! Then I'm going to have to rush and be uncomfortable!" RACING THOUGHTS...MORE ANXIETY... Then the phone starts ringing...OBVIOUSLY NOT PICKING THAT ONE UP! Then I thought about 2 days ago when I had an "episode" in my house where I literally thought I was giving birth out of my ass and actually grunted when all was said and done. LOL I am literally crying laughing right now as I am writing this.

For what it's worth, I am not really sure why I consistently have these ridiculous stories to tell, but I hope it brightened up your day and made you laugh.

See what anxiety does to people? Do you suffer from anxiety? 

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