Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Pancakes

One of our weekend rituals growing up was pancakes on Saturday morning. My mother was always big on trying new pancake recipes, some of which were amazing, and some were less than (sorry Mom). Every now and again, I crave pancakes. I made pumpkin pancakes this fall, which is now one of my new favorites, but my all-time favorite however is plain old Bisquick batter. It is light and fluffy, and if you fry them in oil they get crispy edges! YUM!

Bisquick fried in oil however is not conducive to cancer prevention. So...I applaud my mother for being a pioneer in "alternative" pancakes and I plan on following in her footsteps. Mark Bittman's recipe above is great because it is simple and uses whole grain flour. Also, you can find all of the dairy products organic.

He describes how to make whole wheat pancakes that are not heavy and dense (the typical lament).

If you have a favorite pancake recipe post it in a comment!!!

12/11/11 UPDATE: I made pancakes last night for dinner, YUM! I added in chia seeds and apples. It was pretty... pretty... pretty... good! Instead of syrup I use raw agave nectar which is a low glycemic index sweetener but just as sweet.

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