Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Word Up Wednesday Giveaway!

Congrats to Ted K! He commented, "My dad swears by gargling with a drop of baking soda and peroxide and warm water when he's getting a sore throat. I've tried it a few thymes and it seems to work ok. I usually just go with rest, drink lots of water, and take vitamin c pretty much for anything. Water so underrated for flushing your system out." Loved everyone else's comments too! Keep them coming!!!

On to THIS WEEK...use your words to impress me with your favorite recipe with thyme in it. Post a comment with the recipe or a link to the recipe. 

I almost forgot the prize... a $20 gift cert to Saffron Rouge! This website has loads of safe beauty and hygiene products for guys and girls. 

The FINE PRINT: Saffron Rouge was generous enough to donate the $20 gift certificate for my giveaway this week. Thank you Saffron Rouge! The Word Up Wednesday Giveaway will run from 9am Wednesday to 10pm the following Tuesday in the month of December. Each winner will be announced Tuesday evenings around 10pm. The winner will be contacted via email. If you use "Anonymous" on the post I cannot award you the prize (for obvious reasons)- so use your name and make sure to leave  your email address somewhere in the post so I can contact you. Posts on Facebook & Twitter do not count. Good luck! 

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  1. I love putting herbs in my smoothies. It the summer, I like to make a simple green smoothie with white peaches, fresh almond milk, greens from the farmers market and fresh thyme.

    shannonmariedesigns (at)


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