Friday, December 2, 2011

My HOT Friday Night Date

Meet Hot Toddie. He is wonderful in a pinch, if you want to let your hair down, or are feeling a little under the weather. A date with him doesn't require you to get all dolled up and freeze your ass off waiting on some line. He is totally unpretentious, warms you up, and relaxes you.

Yesterday, as the day wore on I started to get that 'I think I'm getting sick' feeling, and after dinner I knew it was so. I was hoping I could sleep it off, but unfortunately that was not in the cards for today. I was slow as molasses, and very unfocused but I had to stay at work to get things done and also because I had a much-needed hair appointment tonight that I wouldn't have cancelled even if I was dying.

I thought I was in the clear, but something got through my defenses. I was just thinking this week that I can't remember the last time I was sick (or semi-sick like today). This is one of those instances where if I just suck up my Friday night out it will be gone soon. So here is my 'I-am-getting-sick-and-I-don't-have-time-to-be-sick' routine:

  • Get home, take off my clothes and put on sweats & a fuzzy bathrobe w/ cushy socks  
  • Take 1500mg of Vitamin C & 50mg of Zinc
  • Do the neti pot (if you don't know what that is I will explain below)
  • Put a few drops of ear oil in each ear
  • Make a Hot Toddie
    • 1 cup tea (I used echinacea)
    • 1 slice lemon juice
    • 1 tbsp honey
    • 1 shot of cognac (I didn't have that so I used Jack Daniels- which I think has been on my liquor shelf for at least 2 years...not really sure where it came from)
  • Get into bed with a good book (still in your robe) and try to sweat your ass off
I say try to sweat your ass off because I am generally always cold. In the winter it is common for me to sleep in full sweats under 2 blankets with the space heater on. Now on to the neti pot. This thing which was introduced to me by my Nani many years ago is weird but it works. It is this Aladdin's lamp looking thing which you fill with warm water and either salt or the packets they give you (which is basically salt). You stick the spout to one of your nostrils and hang your head sideways over a sink. The water solution runs up one nostril and out the other...I told you it's weird. It kind of feels like you inhaled water, but it doesn't hurt. And if getting salty water in the back of your throat doesn't make you barf (like it does to me) you can tilt your head back so it runs down your throat to clear out the back of your sinuses. I can't do that.

Anyway, time to get into bed and RELAAAAXXXXXX! G-night!

What are your 'I-am-getting-sick-and-I-don't-have-time-to-be-sick' remedies?

12/3 UPDATE: Worked like a charm...I'm ready now to undertake this giant task of catching up on a month of school work, studying for a test and going to a wedding tonight. Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. my dad swears by gargling with a drop of baking soda and peroxide and warm water when he's getting a sore throat. I've tried it a few thymes and it seems to work ok. I usually just go with rest, drink lots of water, and take vitamin c pretty much for anything. Water so underrated for flushing ur system out.

  2. That's a good one! My mom always suggests gargling with salt water, however I can't because it makes me gag really bad. I should try the baking soda and peroxide. Water is very underrated.


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