Monday, December 5, 2011

Kellogg's Smart Start (My Ass!)

This is Propaganda 101. Yes they make health claims at the top like "Good Source of Fiber" and "Made with Whole Grain" and "Strong Heart", but take a look at how many times sugar shows up in the ingredient list.
READ YOUR no way is this a smart start to your morning unless your goal is to give yourself Type 2 Diabetes. Most cereals you find in the grocery store are LOADED with sugar. To this date I have only found one that is suitable and that is Barbara's Shredded Wheat which boasts one ingredient: whole wheat. 

*NOTE: Barbara's has many other cereals however, they use Vitamin E Tocopherols which I have researched and have been mentioned to possibly cause cancer...NO THANK YOU! well as soy, sweeteners, and other vitamin fortifications.

You are better off eating oatmeal or other whole grain porridge. You can sweeten with fruit, berries, or raw agave nectar which is a low glycemic sweetener. 

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