Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas...I'm Out!

It is a mad house out there. I really feel for everyone who is battling the crowds to get their last minute shopping done. If you are one of those lucky millions who didn't plan ahead...keep a few things in mind:

  • It is Christmas not Armageddon
  • You stressing yourself out will not get things done any faster
  • Nothing is ever perfect no matter how hard you try...SO STOP TRYING!!!
  • Prioritize- do you really need more Christmas choch? do you really need to return something today?
  • Keeping your sanity is much more important than having every present wrapped perfectly
  • Baked potatoes are a great side that can feed any number of people and can be made in one step- put in oven 
  • When you get home, put on some soothing music, drink a glass of wine (or double vodka on the rocks), and make a list- then scratch off half of that list and start moving
  • You're welcome!
Merry Christmas! I won't be writing until next week sometime.... taking the weekend off. I hope everyone makes it through this weekend and comes out on the other side with funny stories about their "normal" family, un-PC comments, gifts they can re-gift, and all 10 fingers. 

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