Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Word Up Wednesday Giveaway!

Today starts the last giveaway for the month of December :( This time I think I would like to do it a little bit differently. Instead of posting a comment on my blog, I would like you to share my blog. One of my goals for the next year is to increase my readership as much as possible. Here's how you can be entered to win this week's prize:
  • share a link to my blog on Facebook (include my name Jess Geier in the post)
  • share a link to my blog on Twitter (mention @PlentyOfThyme )
  • send an email with a link to my blog to anyone you would like (copy me on it:
**You must include my Facebook name (Jess Geier) if posting on Facebook, include my Twitter name @PlentyOfThyme if posting on Twitter, or copy me on the email ( if emailing in order to be qualified to win....

$25 to Whole Foods
I really appreciate all of my readers thus far! It is inspiring that so many people care about what I have to say and are interested in making their lives better! Happy & Healthy Eating!

The FINE PRINT: Unless stated, I am paying for the giveaway prizes. The Word Up Wednesday Giveaway will run from 9am Wednesday to 10pm the following Tuesday in the month of December. Each winner will be announced Wednesday morning. The winner will be contacted via email. If you do not link back to me on the post or email I cannot award you the prize as I will not be able to track them. Good luck! 

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